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Veronica Santi

My name is Veronica Santi and I am a wedding photographer. I specialize in gentle European, timeless, classic wedding photography that will remain relevant through the decades.
I am best known for my creative approach to composition, my documentary style of capturing genuine, candid moments, and my sincere devotion and attention to customers.
Since I started practicing wedding photography professionally in 2005, I have photographed hundreds of weddings in many countries around the world.
In each of these weddings will find: beautiful, real pictures of sincere moments, magnificent portraits, subtle details of the wedding day, the dynamics of dance, joy and the wedding ceremony.
I work with top professionals in the wedding industry, writing articles and teach photographers in Israel and Russia.

It is early morning in Tel Aviv, the sun lazily flows into the room. I open my eyes and smile. I smile because I’m in love with my husband and my job.
Each story of love and romance is unique. So is mine. Three years ago, I left my home, my friends and my country, in a leap of faith to be with the man I love.
But, this is my story.

Tell me yours.


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Professional photographer for a wedding in Israel

Wedding photography is a very popular profession in Israel today. Hundreds of websites, magazines and newspapers are full of thousands of advertisements: “Just for you, I will make lots of masterpiece wedding photos that will keep you warm for decades of your family life.” Nevertheless, the quality of wedding pictures – is just the tip of the iceberg in the art titled “wedding photography”. The life of each human being is unique and unrepeatable. For each of us there are important events that we are constantly recall, experiencing them all over again in our minds, laugh or even cry with this re-saturation of the emotions of the moment. Wedding is such an event, of which one remembers the entire adult life. However, creation of wedding photographs is the most interesting, exciting and time-consuming process. Wedding photographer – is a professional who is able to see and record the moments of time that other people do not pay attention to. Lots of wedding photographers shoot weddings, but only few of them are able to create a masterpiece that will be remembered and cherished forever by the married couple. Photographing the wedding ceremony, should be entrusted to such professional. Photographer at the wedding should always be sincere and romantic, because it is the state of his soul depends on the result and the beautiful photos in a wedding album.

A real professional arrives a few hours before the beginning of the celebration, whether it is the sacrament of Matrimony, or Chuppah. It is then, that it is possible to capture the most touching moments of the preparations: make-up and hairstyle, bridesmaids and parents anxious to help the bride to put the wedding dress on. For many such moments go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle, but it is here and now that destiny unfolds, with wonder and the uniqueness of the bride. And here is the “first look” of the bride and groom – the photographer in this case, has no room for error or multiple takes. You have to be in the midst of all the events, in time to capture every moment: when during the Chuppah the rabbi reads the 7 blessings, when the groom gives bride the wine, and puts the ring on the bride’s finger – in these moments the photographer and videographer should not be visible. The whole wedding day is dedicated only to you: the warm words of the closest people, the admiring looks of the guests, the trembling voices, breaking the cup on the Chuppah and the first kiss as husband and wife.

Trust the professional

I am a professional wedding photographer in Tel-Aviv. 11 years of practical experience in this field has taught me to be able to be in several places at once, to have time to notice and fix all the small details and switch to the next part of the wedding day. I guarantee high-quality professional wedding photographs. I do not have a single template for the shoot. Although most of the weddings in Israel are traditional, my desire to find an interesting new places for pre-wedding sessions that will make your wedding photographs quite unlike any other. In my arsenal there are many exclusive and unusual places to satisfy any taste. The Collection of your family archive will be replenished with photos of the things you invested so much time and thought to select: the bride’s shoes, details of the wedding dress, wedding rings, bridal bouquet, wedding cake. In the photos I will pay special attention to all the most important moments and emotions that will reign in the harmonious disorder of the preparations during the wedding day and will create a complete history of this significant day for you.

The art of capturing weddings is unique. Even in a carefully planned ceremony there is a great probability of unpredictability, and only a professional will always be able to react quickly, to readjust in contrast to the amateur photographer. Virtually no one wonders if the wedding photographer is needed at all. The only question is to whom should you entrust your memories and not be disappointed with the results. This is very important! You can get poor-quality photos, unrecognizable Photoshopped faces, the presence of foreign objects and more. Such is the result you get when choosing to rent services of beginners and amateurs.

What is the price of services of wedding photographer?

“How much does it cost?” – This question you will surely ask yourself when deciding to use the services of a wedding photographer. Note that no self-respecting professional, specializing in shooting wedding photos, will appreciate his hard work for cheap! The cost of the photographer to a wedding – is not the main criterion by which you should choose the photographer. It is much more important to understand his style, his intuition and his skills. The photographer should be on the same page with you and to express all this in the wedding photos.
Having made your choice in favor of minimum prices, don’t be surprised by poor results. I appreciate your needs and wants, don’t chase easy money and remember about my responsibility to the customer. Always ensure quality and timely execution of my work.