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Wedding photography

Dearly beloved, LOVE empowers us to overcome unimaginable obstacles and triumph against all odds. That is why I believe that LOVE should be the main theme of wedding photographs.
I’m filled with joy each time I photograph two lovers who found each other, as they give their promise of forever.

It will be an absolute honor and pleasure to capture your wedding day beautifully and perfectly.

As a woman, I really feel an advantage in the world of wedding photography in Israel, where the vast number of wedding photographers are male. My experience as a bride allows me to spot and photograph the bride’s feelings and emotions that a male photographer just can’t spot. In addition, let’s face it, most girls don’t like the idea of having an unfamiliar man being around when they dress.
I have a clear vision of how a bride should look on wedding photos: beautiful, romantic, delicate, feminine, memorable and unique. My goal is to capture you and your wedding day and the most touching moments in the most advantageous ways. My main goal is that each time you open your wedding album, your wedding photos would bring up exciting emotions that will allow you to experience that happy day again and again. Each one of the photos are individually edited in the style that enhance the feeling it should communicate. These are not just empty words, to me, you truly a Prince and a Princess. On your wedding day all my attention is devoted to you. I become your closest friend and am always there for you.
Because I know how tiresome it is to wait for the wedding photos, I guarantee that you will receive your wedding photos within 2 weeks!

Wedding portfolio

CLASSICלמי שמעדיף קצר ולעניין

    צילום סטילס של הכנות, סיור, קבלת פנים, חופה וריקודים בידי צלם מסטודיו ורוניקה סנטי


    תמונות ערוכות באיכות מעולה על גבי דיסק

VIPהכי פופולרי

    צילום סטילס של הכנות, סיור, קבלת פנים וחופה בידי ורוניקה סנטי


    צילום סטילס של קבלת פנים, חופה וריקודים בידי צלם שני


    תמונות ערוכות באיכות מעולה על גבי דיסק

PREMIUMלמי שמעדיף את הטוב ביותר

    פגישת היכרות מקדימה


    צילום סטילס של הכנות, סיור, קבלת פנים וחופה בידי ורוניקה סנטי


    צילום סטילס של קבלת פנים, חופה וריקודים בידי צלם שני


    צילום וידאו DSLR של הכנות, סיור, קבלת פנים, חופה וריקודים


    אלבום דיגיטלי גדול לזוג בכריכת דמוי-עור ודפי פוטו קשיחים בעיצוב ייחודי 30/60


    שני אלבומים דיגיטליים בינוניים להורים בכריכת דמוי-עור ודפי פוטו קשיחים בעיצוב ייחודי 20/40


    תמונות ערוכות באיכות מעולה על גבי דיסק


    פגישה אישית מקדימה עם הצלמת - 200 ש"ח


    אלבום דיגיטלי בכריכת דמוי-עור ודפי פוטו קשיחים בעיצוב ייחודי - החל מ-1190 ש"ח


    צילום וידאו DSLR אומנותי - החל מ-3900 ש"ח


    צלם נוסף לצילום האירוע - 990 ש"ח


    צלם מגנטים לאירוע - 890 ש"ח


    ריטוש תמונה בפוטושופ - החל מ-30 ש"ח


    תמונה על גבי קנבס - החל מ-135 ש"ח

Frequently asked questions

What are your pricing for wedding coverage?

I understand why you would like to know the prices of wedding coverage without having to ask. But my prices aren’t listed here for couple good reasons.
First, prices depend upon many factors and vary significantly from wedding to wedding. These factors are: the amount of hours, quantity and the sizes of wedding albums and wedding portraits, engagement session, etc. With destination weddings the traveling cost may be quite significant depending on the place where the wedding is held. That is why usually I create custom wedding packages for my clients. If you’d like to get the details and prices of wedding photography packages for your wedding, just contact me and I will give you all of the information that you need!
Second, when choosing a wedding photographer I strongly recommend that you shouldn’t be guided by the question of price only. The main question should be: Do you like the work of the particular wedding photographer? After all, your wedding photos will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is better to have photos that you really like, not those on which you saved some money. The second question: Is the personality of the photographer right for you? The photographer will accompany you the whole wedding day and preferably it will be a positive, kind and caring person you can feel comfortable with.
So if you like my style, tell me about your wedding. Contact me. You won’t regret it!

When will we get our photographs and albums?

You will get your photos within 2 weeks. On my team I have a professional graphical editor, so deadlines of the orders do not depend on my workload. After your final approval of album designs most albums are ready for delivery within two weeks.

How many photographs will we get?

I take as many photos as necessary to achieve the desired result. I have no standard in this case. I may take 500-1000 photos or I can take up to 2000. This number depends on many things: hours of coverage, number of guests and number of photographers. During the processing of the photos I take out the bad photos: closed eyes, someone walked in front of the camera, flash didn’t fire and identical photos. All the photos left are processed and edited. When ready, the photos are backed-up on a flash drive. The images that were taken out aren’t archived and therefore aren’t available.

What is your photography style?

I shoot in the style of wedding journalism, which is based on the idea that the wedding photographer, takes not only beautiful production photos, but also tries to catch the most touching, vivid, bright moments that happen on your wedding day, and that can not be directed, otherwise they would not be genuine. This style is very popular in Europe and America. The world’s best wedding photography masters work in the style of wedding photojournalism. This style involves mastery of the art of reportage, staged portrait genre, landscape and documentary photography. I strive to preserve all of the details of your wedding; wedding rings, wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding bouquet and wedding cake. While photographing your guests I don’t take “table shots”. Instead I prefer to capture real and authentic moments of them laughing, smiling, dancing and having a great time.

What happens during the shooting process? Should we be worried about how to pose?

My recommendations are simple: be natural, enjoy yourselves, often smile, joke and talk. Wedding photography is distinguished from fashion photography because a lot depends on the photographer, not the model.
And during the staged photography part, everything goes so easily and naturally that you do not even feel the stress and don’t realize immediately that you actually pose.

Who chooses the place for the photo shoot?

I travel a lot all over Israel, and I can recommend great places to shoot. Whether it is a beautiful, secluded spot in nature, expensive interior of a restaurant, hotel or a nice place in the city. Usually, the couple gladly take active part in search for interesting places. Typically, shooting in the interiors requires that you discuss it with people in charge, agree on a date and time of the shooting, and make the necessary payment.

What photo gear or equipment do you use?

I am convinced that the customers do not really care what the photographer uses to take photos, as long as photos turn out beautiful and alive. Still I use top of the line professional Nikon equipment and backup. It allows me to shoot in any situation and ensure reliability. I always carry extra light, tripods, reflectors, etc. And when I have time during our outdoor walk, I try to use them to create interesting lighting conditions.
To sum up, You don’t need to worry about any technical troubles – I always work with two sets of equipment. If one camera fails, it is replaced by another one.

Leave your contacts and I will get back to you soon