Alexander Perel – Wedding videographer in Israel

Alexander Perel
Alexander Perel

In order to provide you with the best video coverage of your wedding day, I work exclusively in team with Alexander Perel – professional wedding videographer. He is truly master of his craft. We know each other very well and share mutual respect. That is why on the wedding day, we are able to work in complete unison without interfering with each other’s work. Together, we’re generating creative and original ideas to make your wedding photos and video – truly, one of it’s kind.

Alexander Perel is a wedding video artist who has been working in the wedding photography since 1999. Alex is the 3rd generation of photographers in his family. He has a unique way of capturing special moments and keeping them for you forever. He does that by being an open and authentic person around whom you can be comfortable and feel natural. One of his many advantages is that he gets involved in the wedding process. From the first contact or meeting, to being at your wedding and capturing the video, to editing it all together into the final wedding video. While filming, he already knows what he will do with it in the editing process. His films look much more cinematic than the traditional wedding videos. He has high standards with regard to his equipment, the final product and especially of himself as a professional.

Alexander Perel: “I feel lucky because I have the opportunity to do what I have a passion for. When I see what I have created I feel warmth and happiness”.

You can check out Alexander’s amazing work at his website:

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