How to choose a wedding photographer in Israel

   All the soon-to-be-married couples ask this question. Some decides it quickly, guided by recommendations, inviting the photographer who was at the wedding of a friend or relative.

And what about those who want a more beautiful, natural and high-quality photos or someone who just can’t afford that “friend’s photographer”?

We live in the age of the internet and now there are thousands of websites with catalogs of photographers and millions of photographer’s websites. How not to get lost and spend your searching time wisely and without further frustration?

The first step in choosing a photographer

Go to the official site of a wedding photographer in Israel. If he has none, then you may safely pass by. In the 21st century a website is an integral part of a professional wedding photographer, it’s his portfolio. On the site you will be able to get acquainted with his works.

The second step in choosing a photographer

A good wedding photographer is different from a simple wedding photographer. He has the ability to see the picture before it appears. Creative vision – that’s the most important of the necessary skills. So, from here we move on to the assessment of the photographer’s professionalism using his work. How to do this? Here are a few things that you should pay attention to:

1. Body language in the photos.

Does it look natural or tense? Most people do not like to be photographed. Especially during intimate moments such as kissing in front of strangers. A professional wedding photographer knows how to make people forget that he is there, and thus, he is able to capture natural photographs.

2. Awkward poses.

Most people are not professional models and need guidance on how to stand and what to do during the photo shoot. A professional photographer knows what postures and body language look beautiful and natural. It is the photographer’s responsibility to make sure that the groom and the bride look beautiful in the wedding photos.

3. Bride’s dress is “burned out” and the groom’s suit is a “black hole”.

Limited knowledge in photography is the main cause of this type of photos. Improper exposure and digital processing that doesn’t allow to distinguish any details on the bride’s and groom’s clothes.

4. Too much effects.

A desperate attempt to hide bad photography with bright colors and effects in Photoshop. Fashion comes and goes, and spectacular effects that look cool today, will become a cliche in a few years. It is better to edit the wedding photos in a classic style and they will remain relevant even after 30 years.

5. Elements that spoil the picture.

There are things that can appear on the wedding photos and there are those that shouldn’t. They can be cut-out in the editing process for aesthetic reasons. If the wedding photographer has no sense of aesthetics, he is in trouble.

6. Defective or dirty equipment.

With time, dust particles settle on camera’s photo sensor and dots start to appear in all the pictures. Therefore, the photographer must keep his camera clean so as not to spoil the photos he is taking.

7. Horny photographer with no imagination.

I do not have an explanation for these photos. They just exist. Apparently the photographer was trying to create an atmosphere of passion. Surely, men and women look at things differently. I doubt that your children and grandchildren would want to see these photos.

The third step in choosing a photographer

Meeting in person. If you like the work of the photographer, call to check if your wedding date is free and make an appointment. At the meeting, ask the photographer to show you all the pictures from one wedding. Even a novice photographer has some good photos (made by sheer luck). When you see the wedding photos, it is important to check the documentary and staged photography, so you can see if he is really a professional photographer or the photographs you saw in his portfolio, are the result of chance.

In a personal meeting you will have the opportunity to meet and see if you feel comfortable around each other. In the end, you will spend the whole day (and a very important one) together and preferably you should spend it with people you like.

Unfortunately, there are photographers, for whom your wedding is just one day in their business and nothing more. Avoid them. I do not recommend booking through an agency without meeting the photographer in person.

The cost of services of a wedding photographer depends primarily on the number of shooting hours.

Another factor influencing the price – the wedding album (photo book). Price depends on the album cover, type of paper, number of pages, whether it has a case and the number of copies (e.g. for parents of the bride and groom).

In addition to wedding photography, many couples get a pre-wedding shoot – an Engagement session shoot.

To be sure, you should sign a contract describing the basic conditions. Be sure to pay attention to the cost of each phase of work and schedule.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

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