Wedding & Engagement rings

    The choosing of wedding rings is an event, which is given special attention and a lot of time by couples.

   I love working on the details at a wedding – especially with wedding rings and the engagement ring.

Photos of wedding rings on wedding bouquet or the Ketubah have become classics, but I believe that you can and should experiment. On the wedding day I will devote 5-10 minutes to shoot rings. Usually such shooting takes place where the bride gets ready. There are usually other important details in place that have value for the bride and groom. If the wedding is in a color scheme, the photography of details only accentuate this.

I am convinced that a good photography of details can tell a richer story of the wedding day.

צילום-חתונה-בקדמא (1)

צלמים-לחתונה-במרכז-הארץ (1)

צילום-חתונה-הרמוזו (3)

תמונות-מחתונה-אולם-הרמוזו (12)

צילום-חתונה (17)

צלם-לחתונה-במרכז (12)

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